Social Problems: Is the United States Post-Racial?

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Is the United States Post-Racial? The election of Barack Obama to the Presidency of the United States has generated a lot of discussions and debate on the current racial affairs in the United States. Many assume that Obama's presidency ushers a new era post-racial America. So, I decided to read a few recent articles on the topic. The first was by Time Wise where he reflects on "denial and reality" in response to the question "what is post-racial?" (Wise, 2012). Wise's article is depressing because not only because he leaves no doubt, by bringing up strong qualitative and quantitative arguments, that the whole idea of post-racial America is a chimera, but because he makes it hard to believe post-racial America can be achieved at all. Wise invalidates the argument that the election of a person of color to Presidency means the country has smashed racism, by noting that the argument is akin to claiming Pakistan or Israel had smashed sexism by electing a female head of state. His undeniable and most important information is, of course, the factual data he presents. Some of these are: an average white family's net worth is twenty times that of an average black family (and eighteen times that of an average Latino family); a white person with a criminal record has better chances of being called back for job interviews than a black person with no criminal background; dark-skinned immigrants earn about seventeen percent less than light-skinned immigrants even if both groups have
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