Social Problems Of Drug Abuse

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What is a social problem? Social problems is every condition that is recognized as a social problem existed for some time before it came to be “defined” as such.
What is a drug abuse in the social problem? Drug abuse is desired to use more drug than enough or than what prescription of the doctor in order to be comfortable and stimulants at the end the user become addicted and hopeless.
Drug can be used with any gender according the age in the different environment and location, such as Community, society, school, prison, groups and Home.
The drug abuse can be anything like cigarettes, alcohol and Cocaine, Marijuana, Heroin, methamphetamine, and hallucinogens (like acid).
Drugs abuse affects more celebrity, Student and teenager, Employee and the uses ending was irresponsible to their dream and activities. In the community or society's drugs abuse cause violence, like African American neighborhood most the community misses development because of drug abuse and conflict of drug abuse among each other and destruction of peace in the community. Even Latino community and Asian they suffer with the same problems of drugs abuse.
The drug abuse Lower the production of the community, society, organization because most of the productive people like young people who can be used in the production become useless when they become addicted with drug substance. Generally drug can cause the problems for those who use it and for those who not use the drug who live in the community with fear
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