Social Problems Of Economy And Employment

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Economy and employment has always been a big topic in the United States. There is always some kind of problem that will lead into arguments between people. In this society, it is difficult to live the “American dream” or have “a house with a picket fence”. Everything is so expensive these days that it leaves low and some people in middle class struggling to feed their families. If a certain individual does not have a average paying job, the person will struggle and will not have a rewarding career, fulfilling life, and will not retire in comfort.
There are many social problems of economy and employment. To achieve the “American dream” type of life, it costs about one hundred thirty seven thousand dollars per year for a family of four. Only one eighth of these families achieve this in the United States. Next, welfare becomes a problem in this society. Not everyone gets the opportunity to go on welfare, which creates problems for people. Most people on welfare on it for a short period of time. Even though they cannot stay on it for life, welfare people get the chance to have food stamps, live in subsidized housing. Some people get no co-pays, reduced or free lunches, and some pay pell grants for college. This leads to the working poor of the society. 25% of employed people use some kind of social services, 52% of fast food families receive social services, and 33% of bank tellers receive a form of social services. In this situation, the government does help…
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