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Muhammad Tayyab


A divorce is a legal action between married people to terminate their marriage relationship. It can be referred to as dissolution of marriage and is basically, the legal action that ends the marriage before the death of either spouse.

Causes of Divorce:

1) Infidelity:

Infidelity or
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2. Career: Being less focused at work and spending time away from the job for divorce-related appointments takes its toll.

3. Logistics: Running your home is more difficult because you no longer have a partner to help with daily chores.

4. Emotional: Most people have periods of depression, sadness, anger, and fatigue.

People who are experiencing the breakup of their marriage can expect to have a wide variety of feelings. The following complaints are common:

• Poor concentration

• Nightmares

• Sleep problems

• Fatigue

• Mood swings

• Feeling tense

• Nausea

• Gaining/losing weight

• Feeling nervous

• Somatic complaints

Impacts on Children

A divorce impacts a child or children on many levels. When a child is impacted by divorce, some of the ways that a child might express the impacts of divorce can be:

– Large amounts of anger, directed both toward others and themselves

– Frequent breaking of rules

– Drug and/or alcohol abuse

– Destructive behavior

– Frequent guilt

– Problems with defiance

– increasing isolation or withdrawal from friends and family

– Thoughts of suicide or violence

– Increased or early sexual activity

– A failure to acknowledge responsibility.

Divorce impacts some children more than others. However, all children will be impacted by a divorce. The things that parents do and don’t do will greatly impact exactly how much a child is affected
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