Social Provincial Exam

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Social Studies 11 Examination Booklet 2008/09 Release Exam DO NOT OPEN ANY EXAMINATION MATERIALS UNTIL INSTRUCTED TO DO SO. FOR FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS REFER TO THE RESPONSE BOOKLET. Contents: 21 pages 55 selected-response questions 2 written-response questions Examination: 2 hours Additional Time Permitted: 60 minutes © Province of British Columbia PART A: SELECTED RESPONSE Value: 70% Suggested Time: 50 minutes INSTRUCTIONS: For each question, select the best answer and record your choice on the Response Booklet provided. Using an HB pencil, completely fill in the bubble that has the letter corresponding to your answer. You have Examination Booklet Form A. In the box above #1 on your Response Booklet, fill in the…show more content…
A. B. C. D. Workers wanted better wages. Veterans demanded war pensions. Women were seeking better employment opportunities. Unemployed men were protesting work camp conditions. 18. Which of the following was an outcome of many residential school programs? A. B. C. D. They prepared youths for university. They contributed to the banning of the Potlatch. They increased understanding of Aboriginal culture. They alienated Aboriginal children from their families. 19. What allowed Canadians to invest in the stock market during the 1920s? A. B. C. D. inflation laissez-faire protectionism buying on margin Page 6 Social Studies 11 – 2008/09 Release Exam 20. Which of the following events is associated with the Persons Case? A. B. C. D. the arrest of the Famous Five the appointment of a female Senator the election of a woman as a Member of Parliament the creation of pay equity between women and men 21. Which of the following describes a change brought about by the Statute of Westminster? A. B. C. D. Britain could no longer control Canada’s foreign policy. Canada could amend its constitution without British approval. Britain could no longer appoint a Governor General for Canada. Canada could appoint Senators without the support of the Governor General. 22. Which of the following led to support for the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation? A. B. C. D. A $25 dividend was promised to all citizens. Large corporations
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