Social Psychology : An Individual

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In this essay the meaning of social psychology will be introduced. The differences and similarities social psychology shares with certain fields of psychology will be clarified throughout this essay. Specific subjects such as attitudes, group behaviors, and other related sources will be cited throughout this essay. Some of the research methods used in social psychology to determine how individuals affect groups or how groups affect an individual will be discussed in this essay.
Keywords: group behaviors, social cognition, attitudes, prejudice and discrimination
Social Psychology
Social psychology is the branch of psychology which studies the behavior of an individual in the society. Social Psychology is a scientific study, which tells society what people think about, how they influence one another, and how they relate to each other, as an individual. Through experimental research, social psychologists are able to tell us how our social interactions affect us as individuals.
Definition of Social Psychology “Social psychology is a science that studies the influences of our situations, with special attention to how we view and affect one another” (Myers, 2010). Therefore, it is a scientific study of how individuals think about, relate to, and influence each other (Myers, 2010). Components of social psychology include social influences, social relations, and social thinking. Social influences include an individual’s culture and pressure of conforming. Social
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