Social Psychology And Albert Bandura 's Social Cognitive Theory

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People learn within a social context, a cultural context, and a modeling context. This papers is intended as a review of how personalities effect our actual behaviors and how those behaviors are molded into an individualistic personality. The best definition of personality I found is “Personality is can be described in terms of personality traits: characteristic patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving” (Soto & Tacket, 2015). For purposes of this paper, I chose to incorporate Horney’s Social and Cultural Psychoanalyses, Erik Erikson’s Psychoanalytic Ego Psychology and Albert Bandura’s Social Cognitive theory. All three personality theories are of the general opinion that personality development is influenced more by environmental factors than by genetic factors. A person’s social environment has an extremely important effect on each situation in a person’s life but it does not determine the order in which the individual reacts. There is a natural predetermined order to development. Personality growth follows a sequence of predetermined laws, as cited by Erik Erickson. Each person develops through sequence of stages that emerges in accordance with the individual’s present plan. The present plan for each individual is developed through stages from birth to adulthood. Erikson postulated that human development is governed by the epigenetic principle that development occurs in a series of stages, universal to humankind, that unfold in a predetermined
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