Social Psychology And Evolutionary Psychology

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Recently a start-up social marketing Silicon Valley executive was quoted as saying "If you are comfortable when you launch your site you waited too late."

In other words, if one felt comfortable then this secure, comfortable feeling was an indication that one had fallen behind the innovation curve, a detriment to success. The implication was that innovation is inherently a tenuous and uncertain thing and that making it into a 'comfort ' thing is very bad strategy.

Theodore Roosevelt called the comfort zone the "the Gray Twilight" and those that dwelt there "poor spirits". They neither enjoyed much nor suffered much and in fact in his opinion they didn 't really live very much either.

If we look back to the origins of social psychology and evolutionary psychology we quickly learn that never were our ancestors in a so-called comfort zone. Life was tough and a daily struggle for survival. That doesn 't mean there was never time to relax and enjoy...just not much time.

The most recent human evolution theories speculate that human gene mutations occurred 50,000 and a million years ago. These mutations were important because they increased the size of the brain and cranial capacity.

The 'purpose ' of these mutations was to give our human team the survival edge; being able to think has distinct evolutionary advantages.

The ability to think gave both the individual and the tribe the edge. When things got difficult the thinking brain could figure out ways to find a solution.…
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