Social Psychology And Sociology And Psychology

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Social Psychology is a broad field that incorporates aspects of both the sciences of Sociology and Psychology. This field of study is designed to help answer the question as to why people display certain behaviors due to their interaction with others. This field of study is very interesting due to its practicality, in regards to real-life demonstration, usage, and observation. In my life, I have held several jobs that have been heavily influenced by the dynamics of those who were around me. One job in particular was focused within the service industry; this ended with my resignation due to the unfavorable circumstances that I encountered in the work environment. Prior to making the decision to even apply for this job, I had been hesitant due to former employees and peers, who had reported poor working conditions. Despite the negative reviews that I had heard I went forward with my application, enticed by the idea of making more than minimum wage and working in an area close to my house. It was during this time period that I experienced one of the terms that we had learned during our class, known as post-decision cognitive dissonance. Later I would experience firsthand the concept of stereotype threat and conformity effect; both in a negative way, which would lead to my final resignation. This paper will explain several key terms that have are essential to social psychology; while also connecting them to a real life event that demonstrates their practicality in usage.…
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