Social Psychology

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The principles and theories of Social Psychology are important and useful in assessing behaviors in situations. These social psychological principles and their applications can be seen in fictional films which can also be attributed to everyday life. One such film that holds certain social psychological perspectives is Will Gluck’s 2010 production of Easy A. A film about high school student Olive Penderghast and how a sudden change in popularity and financial status, after an unintentional rumor about how she supposedly lost her virginity to a college guy spread through the entire her school. The film draws on the behavioral connections of pronounced hussy Olive Penderghast and her English class’s assigned reading of The Scarlet Letter.…show more content…
The forces that led Anson to wrongfully attribute Olive’s floozy behavior as her true nature are due to the social psychological perspective known as the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy. As stated in lecture the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy can be defined as the expectations people have about another person, which influences how they act towards that person and thus causing that person to fulfill these expectations. This prophecy is evident in the film when Olive’s reputation is first brought to her attention by her best friend stating that “everyone and I do mean everyone is calling her a dirty skank.” Once she realizes that others hold a certain expectation of how she should behave in accordance to her assumed persona. She begins to notice how differently the people act around her. The expectations which fostered different attitudes towards her are presented through the glares and the gossip that force Olive to oblige people’s expectations. In the scene Olive declares that if “people thought [she was] a dirty skank [she] would be the dirtiest skank they’d ever seen,” confirming and concluding the last prerequisite in defining the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy, which is changing oneself to fit expectations. Rosenthal and Jacobson’s 1968 experiment is a fine example that helps explains how Olive fits the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy. This is because in the film and the teacher and presumed student “bloomers,” both evoked
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