Social Psychology

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What affects our Self: Self-esteem is how we assess ourselves as people, and how open-minded are we to receive feedback from a friend, family member, co-worker, etc. How we react to it all matters on high self-esteem or low self-esteem. According to research by Amanda Forrest of the University of California and Joanne Wood at Waterloo University, published in Psychological Science, they found those with low self-esteem feel safer sharing on Facebook. However, the study also found that those with low self-esteem frequently post updates that work against them. They tend to criticize their friends with negative details of their lives, making them less likeable as "friends." Forrest and Wood also found that those people with high…show more content…
Cultural differences also affect whether the ideal or the ought self governs self-regulatory behavior. People with an independent sense of self are more likely to be motivated by discrepancies between themselves and their ideal selves, whereas people raised with an interdependent self are more attentive to the concerns or demands of others. Ideal Self is to formulate goals to be pursued and is essential in keeping up with information and our desires to improve our future and by self regulating the way we have control in directing our own responses to situations we an assume to control. In order to have detailed opportunities it’s important to note to have self-efficacy in order to know your own skills in order to complete something successfully. I would also add that we have to be aware of our own behavior versus focusing on other people and situations that can lead us to being self-aware. If all fails with have to improve but in order to accomplish certain task you have to play away from the norm and get into something new to get us moving in different accomplishments we so desire. I went back to school because I wanted to enhance my skills and acquire new skills. I am very excited and it helps me to move forward and feel good about myself. I am always aware of using positive thinking or as the book says “illusions.” As we think bout something and hold our perception invalid of things that can
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