Social Psychology Final Paper

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I’ve had my moments questioning my existence; do I not exist as anything more than science functioning as part of society? Or does my soul actually exist and stand for something unique? But I have decided for myself that a soul exists within the science that I am made up of, and somewhere in there my ancestors have left me with the idea of a controlling society. A society, a culture, which labels you human and sex. A society that hands you everything you need to survive. But not everyone is that fortunate. In non western culture people must fight to survive. They don’t have the luxury of a grocery store to collect food at, a variety of clothing to protect their skin, or an education system to ensure their intelligence.…show more content…
Those that don’t find this companion of the opposite sex to live out this romantic fantasy with, are considered social outcasts, and don’t fit into what we see as societal norms. Sex is animalistic, romance is not. Sex is how animals reproduce and repopulate. Romance is how we disguise the raw animalistic nature of sex and create yet another fantasy for humans to live in. Just as Philip Slater talks about in his book “The Pursuit of Loneliness” humans live in a world which reflects their ideas of what society should be, rather than the reality of what it is (Slater, 1990: 2). It is not the reality of what we live in, rather, the way we see our reality. We love to pretend that we are civilized. We live in a fantasy that humans are more civilized than animals; and Americans and Western European culture is more evolved and advanced than any other. When it falls apart, when we remove our lenses, we see that we are no more advanced that animals, and no more civilized than any other culture. It is all pretend. We pretend in order to suppress reality, and therefore the reality we see and live in is pretend. The thought of us being animals disgusts us so much that we have to detach ourselves from reality by creating a fantasy to live in instead. That fantasy is called society. When we did the explorament where we had to stare at our food before we ate it, so many people in
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