Social Psycology 360 - Final Exam Essay

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Short Essay Questions

1. What are minimal groups? How does group membership lead to prejudice and discrimination?

The minimal group is a bond of commonality, positive or negative, where relationships, of even an arbitrary or inconsequential nature, within the group can influence attitudes and subsequent behaviors. Membership in such groups often produces the strongest forms of prejudice and discrimination. At a base level college rivalries serve as good examples of how groups can become biased toward the in-group (members) even when such behavior is overt and contrary to an individual’s normal standard for formulating judgments. The reasons for such memberships are primarily related to self-esteem. Our
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By actively engaging in counter stereotyping a strong influencer is accessible to oppose the negative power inherent in stereotype threat.

4. Compare and contrast procedural justice and the deterrence theory as explanations for why people obey the law.

Procedural justice is defined by Aronson, Wilson and Akert as people’s judgments about the fairness of the procedures used to determine outcomes, such as whether they are innocent or guilty of a crime. This deals with our perception of fairness of the process of law, although the idea is applicable in civil matters as well, such employee/employer contract claims. For procedural justice equity is paramount. When it is perceived that a dispute is fairly evaluated, with due consideration, all parties are more likely to accept the determination, even when directly in opposition to their own interests.

At its base deterrence theory stipulates the promise of jeopardy to induce compliance (if I rob a bank and get caught I will go to jail.) Originally deterrence theory was established around military strategy, particularly in the Cold War with the development of nuclear weapons. The idea being that by deterring an enemy with strong enough measures a more powerful advisory could be held in check. That same strategy is at work in our legal system. By imposing severe sentencing guidelines for crack dealers we can reduce drugs sales. Several issues arise form this strategy, its lack of procedural justice left it

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