Social Recognition Issues of the Sioux Tribe Essay

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Social recognition Issues of the Sioux Tribe The Sioux Tribe, as well as various others have been struggling for recognition by the federal state government. The Sioux Tribe itself has only been just recognized since the year of 1975 since the USTDC had administered and approved the social and economical development of these people (Daniels 7). The USTDC may have approved this act, along with broadening various new programs to socially enhance the Sioux and other tribes, but would not have the power or ability in order to push past the thoughts of people who opposed the idea of accepting Native Americans into modern society. Due to the social isolationism, whether or not the Sioux Tribe would want it or not; the tribe experiences…show more content…
The religion and culture of the Sioux, like many other tribes, are disrespected and considered unacceptable due to some of the practices and beliefs that are worshiped, and sometimes may cause violent outbreaks over disagreements of the subject between the Natives and whites. The Sioux tribe, like many of the Native American tribes; are polytheistic, and did not believe in one supreme power. However, during oppression and industrialization the tribes had faced in the 1800's, the Sioux as well as many other tribes were forced to adopt a new religion; Christianity, this religion opposed the idea of polytheism and supported one supreme power, causing the two religions to clash (Toynton . Although this alternate religion continued to press upon the Sioux tribe, the oppression met with a strong resistance that preserved the sacred religion and practices, even to this day. The Sioux tribe have sacred rituals and traditions that continue today on their reservations such as the “Fir” or sun dance, that would continue through twelve straight days and act as a prayer for one of the many gods the Sioux would worship; Wi, the sun god (Griffin-Pierce 178). Issues today, however, still spring up from time to time. A five year old boy by the name of Adriel Arocha was ordered to cut his hair off due to the length and how he wore it. Adriel was suspended from the school
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