Social Reconstruction

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Appropriateness of Social Reconstruction
Nearly 45% of the predominately white families within my school district qualify for free or reduced lunch. That means about 45% of these families’ annual income falls below the poverty line. These families are in desperate need of being educated on the bigger issues in the world and how they can empower themselves to make changes within their lives and families. Education can be used to educate these families to understand the world’s injustices, such as poverty, illiteracy, and unemployment that affect their future, and how they can carefully examine these social problems that continue to oppress their community, while seeking to find solutions to fix the flaws of society. Without this education, history will continue to repeat itself for this community. Until someone learns how to take a stand and end the inequalities that afflict this small
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This close knit community has family roots in the community that date back many generations. With that being said, the problems within the bigger society may go unnoticed within this community, because their way of life is all that they have ever known. I find that it is very important to teach my students the importance of kindness and acceptance. Through the use of literature and carefully planned out discussions, my students are able to construct their own meaning of what it means to be kind and how the words they use affect others. This in turn, empowers them to not only recognize when others are being treated unfairly, but they have the knowledge to do something about it. This is just one example of teaching children how to identify social problems and why it’s important to solve them. When students understand the importance of taking a stand at an early age, they will be more motivated to continue taking stands and making these important social
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