Social Reforms of 1840s

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Below are just some of the movements that were believed, created and fought for:
 William Lloyd Garrison – wrote The Liberator to speak for abolition, called for immediate freedom without compensation
 Frederick Douglass – runaway and freed slave, eloquent speaker who claimed slavery was a sin
 Sojourner Truth – runaway and freed slave, journeyed around preaching for abolition
 Angelina and Sarah Grimke – objected male opposition to their antislavery work
 Lucretia Mott – firmly campaigned after getting barred from an antislavery convention
 Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony – campaigned for women’s right to vote, property rights, and legal rights
 Mary Hunt – head of Women’s Christian Temperance Movement and fought strongly for the effect of alcohol on voters
 Susan B. Anthony – fought widely for the banning of alcohol
 Dorothea Dix – led the movement, successfully won legislation in Massachusetts to provide aid to the insane
 Horace Mann – led the movement, wanted to help unruly children become civilized, and also achieved public education
“In 1831, Garrison founded The Liberator, a militant abolitionist newspaper that was the country’s first publication to demand an immediate end to slavery. On the front page of the first issue, he…

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