Social Relations And Gender Roles

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Every one of us have been influenced in one way or another by social relations to gender roles. All human cultures have various expectations regarding the male or female gender. There are many standards that dictate how individuals should dress, think, behave, and interact with the world around them. It is when these roles begin to reduce the life chances of individuals and preserve inequality that becomes problematic. Humans, as a society, crafted their own definitions of what it means to be a man or a woman. Because of this if a female partakes in a “masculine” activity it is often met with disgust and hostility and if a male partakes in a “feminine” activity it is scorned by men and women alike. Gender “norms” have existed throughout…show more content…
If she is African American, it is sixty-four cents for every dollar earned by a man and fifty-four cents if she is Latina. Throughout a lifetime, a typical woman loses about $700,000 just because she is paid less than a man. (now national, 2017) No one should be discriminated against in the workplace because of his or her own gender. It is shocking that even fifty-three years later women are still having this fight for equal pay. Equal pay means economic growth for the nation. If women were making more, the additional money flowing towards food, clothing, household items and services this would expand the economy by at least three or four percentages. This would also strengthen the middle class as well. If women were to be paid a fair share, more families can join the middle class and have a chance at economic security. Women can hold the responsibility that jobs require. Some women acquired their degree, attended a university or college and became an expert in their career and performs the job just as well, if not better, than a male, then they absolutely should be paid equal salaries. Women who work full time earn seventy-seven percent of what a male earns. Why should women have to work an extra sixty days (three months) to earn what the man did by the end of his previous year? This is highly degrading of the morals of women all over America and the world. This sends a message saying that no matter how hard you can work as a female you will never equal
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