Social Relationships Of A Teacher 's Environment

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Additionally, secret stories have the ability to generate change in mandates by showing a better way to do things, thus creating change in cover stories as mandate compliance changes. This situation displays the positive use of teacher stories as they are used to change top down mandates and initiatives.
Teacher stories are often told through narratives. Narratives establish meaning to the teacher story and provide answers about teacher identity. The use of narratives also serves as a conduit for the delivery of teacher knowledge in their content area (Kratka, 2015). According to (Linde, 2001), stories can be used to illustrate immeasurable knowledge that exists within the social relationships of a teacher’s environment. Narratives focus on knowledge created by the experiences that develop a teacher’s personal story. Therefore, we must pay close attention to the daily experiences that dictate our future if we are to gain true understanding of who we are (Clandinin, 2007). Understanding how teacher stories are established requires us to recognize that the process is constantly changing to meet the demands of the professional environment the teacher is exposed to. The teacher story will undergo many changes as new knowledge and experience is added to the narrative (Huberman, 1993). While the narratives a teacher tells are meant to convince others of the teacher’s competence, they must also convince the teacher of their own self worth in order to build positive
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