Social Relationships in Childhood

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Social Relationships in Childhood Clarice Booker Kaplan University/ PS 420 – Social Relationships in Childhood February 28th 2015 Unit 3 Assignment Participant #1 Age: 14 Gender: Female 1. What were your friendships like while growing? Did this change from elementary school to middle and then to high school? If so, how? I am in high school now (9th grade) and a lot has changed over the years. I had friends that I was forced to hang out with and some that just grew with me and now we are in same school or classes. 2. Tell about a time when your friends’ opinions were different than your parents’ and how you felt about it. There have been a lot of times where my friends made fun of me because of my parent’s…show more content…
My behavior along with the clothing change was affected and my attitude got worse. My behavior then began to have a negative effect on me in school during high school. 6. Do you remember changing friends because their actions or opinions were very different than yours? How old were you when this took place? I had changed friends but I believe it was too late then, I wanted to take everything back from those school ages. At the time, all the way up until graduation I had the same friends. 7 years later I have not one friend from school anymore. It seems that everyone went their separate ways, and I felt at this time a lot of the things I did were stupid and un thought of. 7. What social interactions have you had that have challenged you to change how you see yourself in the world? As in to social interactions, I have had 3 kids since then. My mind and mentality is a lot more mature and understandable. The fact that I was changing with all these people that I affiliated myself with has shown me I have grown tremendously and I will guide my children now the right path, but not be too strict because I knew how I felt coming up as a child, how parents made me feel when it came to anything. I have been challenged with a lot of reality issues , even when it comes down to see the kids now that are my age when I began to act up, I want to just take them all and put them in my pocket just to show them the
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