Social Responsibility And The Free Enterprise System

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Social Responsibility is what we practice here in America, or at least what we attempt to practice. Social Responsibility works by providing for private ownership of mass media in trade for responsible use of that media. In some countries, people do not have the freedom of speech rights like we do. We have a free market place of ideas that coincides with capitalism and the free-enterprise system. It is tied to a form of government that is based on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech so that the press can remain fully free, and the public can be fully informed. “Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech or of the press. Sometimes corporate pressures and government control may sometimes hinder this freedom.” (Schubert) In countries without freedom of the press, messages are censored and/or filtered through the government, which alow only what is considered acceptable information to be released to the public. Although the Constitution/Bill of Rights have been adopted since the late 1700’s, the ability of the government to infringe our freedom has decreased over the last 70 years. In December of 1942, Robert Maynard Hutchins launched the Freedom of the Press Commission. Shortly after the commission being launched, a report that dealt with the social responsibilities of the owners/operators of the media was issued. The commission believed that the freedom of the press was in danger, so through this report
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