Social Responsibility Business Letter

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Social Responsibility Business Letter Aspirations As we grow up, and try to balance our lives between an academically safe atmosphere and a practically obscure environment, we all eventually begin to wonder what our actual contributions to the grand scheme of things are. Where do we belong? We like to believe that there is something each of us has the adequacy to offer, accompanied by something each of us has the credibility to gain. One often finds oneself deciphering the abstract notions taken from books and putting them up against the concrete experiences seen in events. It is always a tug of war between the book smarts and the street smarts. And, after having completed my postgraduate degree in Masters in Business Administration, I believe that it is ever pertinent for me to decode this conundrum. And to express my feelings about the gravity of my situation, as well as harbor good advice from a good friend, I am writing to you to tell you of all things I have discovered and come to believe. First and foremost, and I am sure you will be able to see this for yourself after having read this letter, that I now view things from a business-oriented mind. Everything now seems to have a series of inputs, a proper process and a predictable outcome. Every single endeavor is nothing short of a firm requiring resources to churn out products. And so, I have begun to measure things accordingly: the extent of investment is directly proportionate to the level of returns; the
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