Social Responsibility Of Human Trafficking In The United States

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Human trafficking is the exploitation of humans to make money. There are more slaves today than ever in history. Most times victims are trafficked by people they know, trust and love like friends and family.
On average 300,000 children are trafficked in the United States every year. Personally, I feel that Human Trafficking is something everyone should be informed about because it is a worldwide dilemma that could happen to anyone no matter, age. In Portland Oregon, August 1st 2017 a woman was charged for connection to trafficking a teen.
Approximately 300,000 people die from being trafficked for sex from abuse, disease, and torture every year. Some victims are runaway girls that have been sexually abused as children. 98% of sex trafficking
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They will be trafficked to do work for long hours and suffer from abuse just like women. In more recent years male prostitution has occurred. In all reality, “men and boys are subjected to commercial sexual exploitation in many countries around the world, and they even outnumber female victims within certain subcategories of trafficking. To ignore these facts is not only inaccurate, but also dangerous – it has led to the oblivious abandonment of tens of thousands of victims”.
While researching for this paper I found a website talking about TVPA. This organization helps only surviving victims, I understand it is important to help the victims but I feel it’s more important to help the current victims. Most programs are only focusing on the survivors when there are people still getting abused and tourchered.
In conclusion, human trafficking is modern day slavery and a violation of human right. Anyone can be trafficked no matter their background. The most common types of trafficking is forced labor, forced prostitution and domestic servitude. Girls are young as 6 years old can be victims of sex trafficking; boys can be forced into intensive labor at just 10 years old. Human trafficking is more than wrong and should not exist, but it does and all anyone can do now is help not only survivors but current
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