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Rebecca Haste Student # 253741 EST1 - 310.2.1-05 Company Q and Social Responsibility Social responsibility is a key attribute for businesses in the market today. When consumers look to spend their disposable income, they look for businesses that not only offer the right product, at the right price, but that also offer great service. Great service can include anything from friendly employees to community involvement. That is where social responsibility becomes apparent in a company’s ethics and values. If a company has a strong tie to the community and demonstrates social responsibility, their consumers will consider this a positive quality and it will separate them from the competition. In this case study with Company Q, they are…show more content…
Volunteerism is a powerful way to reduce crime, and to interact with potential consumers. Also, if crime is a concern, businesses should work with local law enforcement to determine ways to protect themselves and by working with local law enforcement they will become more invested and involved in their surrounding area. The second item that should be reviewed by Company Q is their ability to quickly respond to the needs and desires of their community. Consumers had to send requests to Company Q over several years in order to get some organic products into the store. This can be seen as a negative attitude on the part of Company Q. Consumers can say that Company Q does not care about carrying healthy food alternatives, and in turn does not care about the health of the community. Also, the company is not responding well to consumer requests. In order to develop a better position of social responsibility, the company should research and respond to customer requests to add and remove products from the product line. Polling and surveying the surrounding community will give the company a good resource of data that can help improve their store’s products and even store appearance and staff. Even if the store decides that responding to a customer request is not feasible, the communication channel is now open between the company and the public. Offering products that are important to the
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