Social Responsibility within the Community

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Social Responsibility within the Community Water conservation has become a socially responsible effort which is gaining momentum in the community in which I live. Though slow to get rolling, as awareness rises in the community, so do the individual actions. Each small action that an individual takes to conserve water contributes to the overall community effort. The use of water within the community has been steadily decreasing as awareness increases. Through this concerted effort, the community as a whole has become more cohesive. This cohesiveness is the direct result of individuals working together vas a team and sharing a common goal. Further, individuals also achieve a sense of accomplishment and well being as water consumption decreases. These good feelings are a direct result of actively contributing to ecological conservation. The community in which I reside is a small one with its own utility district and water treatment plant. By having its own designated utility district and plant, the tracking of water usage is less complicated than in areas with shared water utility districts and water treatment plants. In fact, this simplicity has led to public awareness of the community's water usage. Since the data is easy to access, it has made it easy for the neighborhood to publicize usage via signs throughout the neighborhood and weekly water consumption is also posted on a large, highly visible sign at the community center. Almost everyone within the community must
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