Social Responsive Communication Paper

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The patient was seen outside with a shopping cart filled with bottles and searching the employee parking lot for bottles. The patient appeared disheveled, disoriented, and saddened. The patient informed this writer that she was search for bottles in exchange for money to go home. According to the patient, her fiancé' did not provide her with any form of transportation as the patient then reports that she has to take four buses to get from Meriden to Hartford and walked two hours to the clinic. Please note, the Program Director and Patient Care Monitor, B.J. was present. The Program Director addresses with the patient of getting herself hurt by looking through the dirt as the ground have been sprayed for rodents and potential harm of glass. This writer and the Program Director encourage the patient to come inside of the clinic as it appeared to be chilling outside and the patient did not have the proper garment to keep herself warm. Eventually the patient agreed and this writer assessed the patient well-being. Please note, the clinic offered the patient a cup of coffee and a food as the patient express to this writer about not having nothing to eat all day. During this writer encounter with this writer, the patient and fiancé' relationship is toxic as the patient continues to be verbally and emotionally…show more content…
The patient is diagnosed with depression and anxiety. When questioned if she had discuss this with her prescriber, her response was no due to difficulties of reach out to her prescriber for an appointment. Please note, the patient reported that she told that her prescriber has baby-sitting issue, but when sharing this comment the patient appeared to be discombobulated detailing about the baby-sitting issue of her prescriber. This writer informed the patient that she should consider have an impairment screening conducted by the clinic's medical team for an assessment and the patient
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