Social Role Of Women And Men In Jack London

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There is a huge contrast between social roles of women and men shown in a short story of Jack London.

First of all, the story takes place in the twentieth century, that means everything including social roles and ethical principles was different. Rules for behavior were much more restrictive. Society’s norms affected and defined the position and duties of women telling them what to do, which was inherited by next generations again and again. For hundreds of years women rights have been shortened.

The position of women in a society was unstable. Each was dependent on her parents' income and then on her husband. Usually, the meaning of a life of a woman consisted in a matching marriage. There was no other possibility to set up welfare by themselves. In Jane Austen's novel "Pride and Prejudice" the mother of all the five daughters puts so much extra and sometimes inappropriate effort to marry them off that she could care about nothing else. She even humiliates herself trying to pay attention to her daughters and often made things worse.

Loretta, the protagonist of the story, was dependent emotionally as well because the woman herself didn't even represent anything. She had to rely on anyone and Loretta didn't want it to be Billy. When she realized she didn't want to marry him, she was looking for support and mental relief in Daisy because of
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These biases still exist and we can claim the society that didn’t want to see a woman as something more than inseparable part of a husband. It put women’s freedoms and rights inside the frames so as to get benefits; it’s easier to form and run the society when the ”weak” half is pliant like a plasticine. Some people still cannot distinguish personality inside women seeing her exceptionally as an object to satisfy all kinds of their needs. It’s a long way to get rid of
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