Social Security Benefit Program Implementation

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Social Security Benefit Program Implementation Introduction A social security benefit is a program that aims at helping the workers save money for the future and enjoy medical attention both while working and when they will have retired and are unable to work. The employees of any company or the government have the role in investing their future today so as not to suffer in the future when they will not be working (Smith & Couch, 2014). This write-up will develop a proposal for the implementation of the social security benefits program to workers in all sectors and economic classes. A good instance is the Obama Care program that provides health care coverage benefits to workers in both formal and the informal sectors and different economic statuses (Oberlander, 2012). The program shall register members, accept their contributions, account for the collected funds, cater for healthcare, and pay benefits. The benefits only paid to the eligible, the qualified members upon reaching the age of 65 years, or the dependents. The scheme should also pay for the members hospital bills in case they may get sick and are unable to settle their bills any time. The scheme shall consider and accommodate people of all economic classes (Mulligan & Sala-i-Martin, 2000). The schemes’ aim is to maximize redistribution of wealth together with offering a quality healthcare for all citizens. The scheme shall have well-stipulated policies that shall be developed in accordance to the Obama healthcare
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