Social Security For All My Retirement Income

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The most common question is, “Should I count only on Social Security for all my retirement income,” and the answer is no. Retirement is based on the comfortable retirement that is created by social security, pension and realistic savings (“Frequently Asked Questions about Social Security’s Future,” n.d.). Before this course, I had a vague understanding of retirement. All I knew about retirement was to start young and plan on taking ten percent of each paycheck into a saving account that is to be saved for the future. However, I felt paying for school was more important than taking ten percent out of each paycheck for an event that won’t occur for fifty or more years, so instead I implanted a process of taking out twenty-five cents per month. The plan was to continue this process until I graduated, then change the amount from twenty-five cent per month to one hundred dollars per month until my husband retires. But, I understand now that this plan may not be realistic because of some retirement issues that have been mentioned within the courses materials. The first issue that is relevant to my potential future circumstances is the concern of under saving for retirement especially since I’m a woman. According to research stated within our class material notes, four out of five women outlive their husbands and therefore these women experience poverty within the first five years of being a widow (class notes, section 2). Because many women plan of relying on their husbands’
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