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Social Security "On a daily basis senior citizens face a choice between buying food, paying the rent, or buying medicine. Senior citizens slice pills into halves because they can't afford their full prescriptions." (Federal News Service Sept. 2002) Social Security is what keeps many elderly and disabled Americans from being stricken by poverty. Without Social Security in our society 15.3 million elderly would have incomes below the poverty line, however after Social Security was added to the equation only 3.8 million elderly have incomes below poverty. Three-fourths of those elderly people who would have been poor without Social Security were removed from below the poverty line by Social…show more content…
This is a topic that will effect everyone, those 65 and above, and those 65 and below. Both sides of the argument are very persuasive and their perspectives can be found below. · Brief History of Social Security President Franklin D. Roosevelt, a Democratic President, invented Social Security as part of "The New Deal" in the year 1935. Its invention was to combat the "The Great Depression". It was invented along with welfare to help America's elderly, disabled, and unemployed. How Social Security functioned was a part of the workers check would be deducted and given to the elderly as "Social Security" at that present time. Then in turn when that person came of age to retire (generally 65) America's working force at the time would support them with a monthly check. Sometimes that check would coincide with how much they made when they were working but not always. Since its creation in 1935 the Republican Party has been trying to change it. In 1935 the Republican party opposed its creation, in 1964 the Republican party tried to make it 'voluntary', and now there is a new debate on Social Security and 'privatizing' it or parts of it. · Current Policy by the Bush Administration (2000-2004) When George W. Bush first took office he claimed that there would be no changes on Social Security as part of his policies. Soon after he took office though things changed as he began to implement plans to change social security and how

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