Social Service Delivery Is A Mechanism Through Which The

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Social service delivery is a mechanism through which the social programs are delivered to the needy one by private or public agencies. Social programs are designed to deliver significant social goals thereby meeting ongoing needs of people. In the past, when people needed help they initially turned to their families as the helping resource. Now a day, it is practically difficult for many people to access help from their families as problems became more complex, especially mental health and social problems, other services delivery resources have developed to provide services that could not be accomplished by the family. Thus the Social service delivery has developed gradually from the family to society and to the governmental and private…show more content…
Much attention focused on working conditions, economic reform and obtaining basic services for people in need. Group work, advocacy and community organization models were used in delivering services. Social welfare Programs Social workers need to keep update on resources and programs and need to be able to help their clients navigate the complex process of accessing resources. Federal and state welfare programs include cash assistance, health and medical provisions, food assistance, housing subsidies, utility subsidies, child care assistance, unemployment compensation etc. Below are some of the important programs that are designed to help or intervene on behalf of clients in distress. Abused women shelters are designed to provide protection, temporary housing, counseling and support for persons of domestic violence. Adult protective services are mandated by law to provide protection for vulnerable adults who are being abused by family members, care givers or strangers. Child protective services a function of the division of child and family services, provides legal protection and a variety of support services for abused and neglected children. Criminal courts may be of help to victims of domestic violence and child abuse and neglect, by issuing orders of protection and adjudicating the guilt or innocence of accused
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