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Brian's Design Document

Purpose: My goal is to make it easier for Columbia's locals to save money when going out to grab a bite to eat or going out to the bars to get a drink. I know that many people have to live around a tight budget throughout the year and if they're trying to save money, my website could point them in the right direction.The majority of my target audience is in the age range from 18-24 years of age and are probably students

Audience: The target audience is aimed at the locals of Columbia and the students at the University of Missouri. Personally, I don't eat out of go out too much on
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Don't overdue it. It's important to keep it relatively simple and easy to navigate
An upvote and a downvote feature would be helpful in determining which specials are worth it

Reference Websites

For navigational purposes, I felt that this website was an similar to what I'm aiming for in terms of navigational purposes. In terms of a simple layout, I'm going for something resembling the layout presented here
In terms of a layout that I'm trying to avoid, I think that this website is a good demonstration on what I don't want to do. I don't like the fact that the website doesn't have different tabs/links for different days. Overall, it is not very intuitive or interactive.
For context style, Drinkowl is a good website but I think there is too much going on and for some users, it might get confusing.
In terms of color scheme, I really like the website. the colors are more relaxed than other websites, the font is large and easy to see, especially the top banner.

Content Content is based on responses from possible future users:

Top banner will display the days of the week, each day can be clicked on and will bring you to a different
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