Social Services For At Risk Clients

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Social Services for At-Risk Clients: The Case of Alice Doe and her Bipolar Disorder / Substance Abuse Dual Diagnosis The purpose of this report is to create a social services delivery plan for an at-risk client named Alice Doe. Alice has a history of drug abuse yet has been clean and sober for several years. Alice also suffers from bipolar disorder. In recent times, she has experienced setbacks due to the stress created when her daughter and grandchild moved in with her. To make matters even more challenging, Alice has a boyfriend who is a veteran suffering from PTSD and recurring substance abuse issues. Although she has been fairly stable for years, and takes her medication regularly, Alice has begun decompensating and is at risk of falling into crisis. In the following pages, we will take into consideration the many services and resources that Alice Doe will need to comply with in order to stay healthy and maintain stability. While taking into account that Alice lives in Miami-Dade County, Florida, we will focus on both of her problems, bipolar disorder and substance abuse, as we address the following points: • Resources / Programs • Agency Locations • Eligibility Requirements • Time to Access • Types of Services Offered • Documentation Required • Source of Information • Barriers • Benefits Resources / Programs in Miami-Dade County, Florida Banyan Health Systems offers programs that help treat at-risk clients, such as Alice Doe, who suffer from a dual diagnosis.
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