Social Skills Analysis

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Analysis I decided to do my school counseling core curriculum lesson plan on social skills for grades kindergarten and first. I choose social skills because it is one of the most important skills a person can learn in their life time. Good social skills can go a long way. Social skills are important to teach at an early age. “The ages between 5 and 12 are critical to a child’s social development” (social skills). Social development is taught by parents as well as teachers. Children also learn social skills on their own when they interact with other. Knowing what social skills are is very important. According to Lynch “Social skills are behaviors that promote positive inter- action with others and the environment. Some of these skills include…show more content…
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Appendix A
Pre and Post Test Evaluation
Student Self- reflection
• Yes, I do this all the time
• :0 I could be doing better at this
• I am not doing this and I need to work on this
Student must circle which one they feel best answer the questions. Evaluations can be read to those students who need help
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