Social Skills On Decline Of The Twenty First Century

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Social Skills On Decline Living in the twenty first century is unlike anything else. Everything from having 700 friends, right within your mobile cell phone, or having your alarms contact you and the police instantly when a door in your home unexpectedly opens. Technological advantages are at an all time high, but how is the internet and social media changing teenager’s social skills for the worst? It has been made clear that students are spending excessive amounts of time facing a screen, and that this is causing a decline in social skills, but, more and more professions are valuing the important prowess of social communication and interpretation. Many students and teenagers own a technological device. An overwhelming amount of text…show more content…
But, these sites, apps, phone calls, and texts, are sending teenagers into deep holes of social awkwardness. A website regarding the safety of the internet, iKeepSafe, stated that, “ ages 8 to 18 spending on average 44.5 hours per week in front of screens...” (iKeepSafe). The average teenager is said to spend more time in front of a screen than adults do at their job! Many students have become so addicted and obsessed with texting and other social media sites, that they are putting it between them and education. A website, named National Public Radio, gives important data about school wide technology, along with many other modern issues, it revealed that, “At schools where cell phones are forbidden, 58 percent of students with mobile phones say they 've sent a text message during class” (National Public Radio). Teenagers are so absorbed in the world on their phone that they feel it is necessary to text during class. While being so engrossed in their phones, teenagers don’t bother to see the world passing around them, and this is causing them to become trapped in their own social awkwardness. As our phones let the world around us pass by, we also disregard the conversations with peers, the teamwork opportunities, and the social interactions. A highly detailed article written for the Strategic Communications of Elon University, strongly stated that, “An overwhelming 92% of respondents believed technology negatively affects face-to-face communication, and only
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