Social Status Essay

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Module 5 - #2 Every one of us has our own set of social statuses, these are the position of each individual that they have in this society. I would put myself as an example and these are some of the social statuses that I occupy; I am Asian Filipino, female, a daughter, a friend, a student, and a dental assistant. The ascribed statuses are unchangeable and I was born with that social status and I am assigned to have that status during my lifetime. My ascribed statuses are being born as Asian Filipino, being a female, and being a daughter. First, my race will always be Asian and my ethnicity is Filipino since both of my parents are also Asian Filipino. In fact, according to the author of the article “What is an ethnic group?”, “Ethnicity is generally inherited from parents, and its primacy in the life cycle can make it an important, fundamental basis for self-image, comparable to gender and racial identity (2013:1603).” Therefore, ethnicity and race are one example of the ascribed status. Another is being a female, I didn’t choose to be a female but this is the sex that was assigned to me. Although sex can be changed nowadays, everyone has their own original sexes which what they were born with. Lastly is being a daughter, since the day I came to this world I am automatically a daughter. This will never change even if I lose my parents because I will always be a daughter. The achieved statuses are the earned or chosen by an individual depending on their decisions, and
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