Social Status : The Impact Of Status On Life

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The Impact of Status on Life Your status has a huge impact on how you live your life, whether you’re aware of it or not. This topic was chosen because we all have a status, and can relate to much of the research that is found. Many of us began the semester, with the preconceived idea that social structure has little influence on life chances, we soon learned that …………. As a group we want to explore the “Impact of Status on Life Chances”. Life chances is the theory that each individual has the opportunity to improve their quality of life. Sociologist Max Weber believed that certain factors were crucial for determining one’s future, such as gender, race and socioeconomic status.”Weber uses the term "chance" in two senses. At time he refers to chances to indicate individual level courses of action, typically those linked to class structure. In this sense of the term, "life chances” are opportunities for individual development provided by social structure. This second sense of the term emphasizes that chances are socially determined, that "social structures are arrangements of chances," that "chance. . . is a probability which is invariably anchored in given structural conditions" . This second emphasis focuses not on whether individuals are able to appropriate these chances, but on the general distribution of chances within and across societies.” (Carton-Ford, 2013) Essentially, life chances is the theory that when people are given their status as a result of a group
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