Social Statuses That Identify Me

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Four social statuses that identify me are, daughter, sister, student, and mother. Daughter and sister are both ascribed statuses. They were both given to me at birth involuntarily. Student and mother are both achieved statuses. I chose to have children and to go back to school voluntarily. Being a mother is an achieved status as I chose to be a mother and this status was achieved voluntarily. The status has numerus roles that make a role set. There are four roles in particular that describe me the best as a mother which are, parenting, care for, counsel, and provider for. The role of a parenting is to educate and discipline your child. By parenting you are expected to give your child education, moral bases, and a religious background. To educate your child as they grow up, you are the first role model they have. Everything they see and say is because they have learned it form you. To discipline them when they have acted or done something wrong. The role to care for you are expected to give your child the care and attention they need. You are to see for them when they are sick. Ensure your child is taken care of at all times, if you cannot do so, find the appropriate provider like a babysitter or daycare. Taking the appropriate measures to ensure they are always safe and taken care of. To counsel, in this role you provide them with emotional and mental support. In this role you have to make sure that your child has your full support. That you are there number one fan or
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