Social Stigmas Of Asian Parenting

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Social Stigmas of Asian Parenting are True
Just walking through the courtyard of Brigham Young University, you are surrounded by outstanding, intelligent students who were leaders in their communities and are firm in their faith. Students hail from all four corners of the world from the diverse United States to blissful Asia; yet, only 1.4% of BYU students are of Asian ethnicity. The Asian population may be small at the university; but, Asian stereotypes continue to permeate all forms of media coloring our perception of our classmates from the East. Have you ever wondered why are they so smart at math? How do all of them know how to play the piano? Why does receiving anything less than an A grade brew feelings of failure? Many Asians attribute these stereotypes to their upbringing and parents’ expectations. In The Wall Street Journal article “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior”, Amy Chua presented her viewpoint that the Asian parenting style to raise successful children outranks the Western ideals for parenting. But, are Asians really more superior than Westerners at parenting? Through personal vignettes and poignant diction, Chua builds logos, pathos, and ethos to write a convincing article on how Asian parenting styles are effective. So what is like being an Asian parent?
Chua, a first generation Asian American, establishes the readers trust by consistently using stories from her personal life, ranging from her own mother calling her “garbage” and then her American friends…

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