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Social Stories with Children with Autism: How to write a Social Story

Based on Gray, C. (2002) The New Social Story Book

The use of Social Stories was pioneered by Carol Gray in 1991 and is being widely used with children Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Social Stories provide the student with accurate information regarding situations s/he encounters.

Social rules, which can be difficult for children with Autism to understand instinctively, are written down as concrete rules in the form of a story. The stories are written in language that the child uses or can easily understand. Visual supports can be added to Social Stories in order to aid comprehension for the student.

A Social Story is considered as a process that results in a
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This ratio ensures the descriptive quality of every Social Story:

Basic Social Story Ratio
0-1 (partial or complete) directive sentences = Basic Social Story Ratio
2-5 (partial or complete) descriptive, perspective and/or affirmative sentences

Descriptive sentences
Descriptive sentences are truthful, opinion–and–assumption–free statements of fact. They identify the most relevant factors in a situation or the most important aspects of the topic. The only required types of sentence in a Social Story and the most frequently used, descriptive sentences form the ‘backbone ‘of a Social Story. They often contain the answers to the important "wh" questions that guide story development. The objectivity of descriptive sentences brings logic and accuracy to a Social Story – two qualities likely to be reassuring to those who are overwhelmed by social concepts and situations. Sample descriptive sentences include:
1) My name is (often the first sentence in a Social Story)
2) Sometimes, my grandmother reads to me.
3) Many children play on the playground during outdoor recess.

Perspective sentences
Perspective sentences are statements that refer to or describe a person's internal state; their knowledge/thoughts, feelings, beliefs, opinions, motivation, or physical condition/health. Only on rare
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