Social Strategies That Promoted Relationship With Customers

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Introduction This presentation is on social strategies that promoted relationship with customers. The internet is the tool used today to communicate; the power lies in the hands of the user. Almost everyone can share their opinion and can express themselves freely through social media. We begin this presentation by introducing social strategies that promote relationship with customers. In Piskorski (2011) researched, he demonstrates three components that bring a successful social strategy. Each of these components will be address. Anyone using social media must be careful so it is important to understand how information is communicated. We will review the 7 Cs of communications and recommend Talpau (2014) marking components that are…show more content…
Social strategies can be used for meeting people for professional purpose: American Express OPEN Forum lunch to connect small business (SB) owners. Through social media called Connectodex, SB was able to post profiles, services and offered needs. Their strategy included the three components: increase wellness to pay, helping professionals to meet other like them and if they maintain their card membership (Piskorski, 2011). “Companies with successful strategies first thought through how to address unmet social needs and then connect the proposed solutions to business goals” (p. 5). Since it can be difficult to identify unmet social needs it is recommend focusing on four types of social needs: connecting with strangers, interacting with strangers, reconnecting with friends, and interacting with friends. The theory tested “how to build a social strategy” identified potential strategies to help people create and improve their relationships. The challenges tested included: 1. Helping, people connect through shopping with friends 2. Helping, people interact with acquaintance and friends outside a core group, 3. Finding, strangers with whom you have something in common isn’t easy and 4. People, find it uncomfortable to interact with strangers without first knowing more about them. The theory evaluation included three tests: social utility, social solution and business value test.
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