Social Stratification And Gender, Ethnicity, And General Attractiveness

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Historically, different physiological traits have correlated to specific allotments of form of capital and therefore, to the social stratification system. Particularly, traits like gender, ethnicity, and general attractiveness are all determinants to an person being socially stratified in a cohort. Social stratification is a placement into a social position that can offer a spectrum of social effects. These effects are generally considered positive, if the individual has a higher placement on the social totem pole and considered negative with a corresponding lower placement. Utilizing Bourdieu’s popular model on forms of capital is conducive to a thorough understanding of how gender, ethnicity, and overall perceived attractiveness play a…show more content…
These social classifications are directly related with the allotment and creation of forms of capital (Wells, 2008). In examining the the traits that have an effect on distribution of forms of capital, race and ethnicity are among the most important in demonstrating the disparity in society. Racial and ethnic minorities are subject to an automatic low social stratification out of the gate (Chua, Mathews, and Loh, 2016). In developing an understanding of how these designations get put into effect, noting the differences in terms of social capital is useful. Racial and ethnic minorities due to a socially perceived inferiority, start with lower amounts of social capital (Wells, 2008). Social capital is responsible for determining which social connections one has and the interpersonal relations they can draw resources from (Chandler and Munday, 2011). This form of capital is generally not allotted to an individual, rather to a group or subsection of society inherently. In terms of ethnic minorities, social capital can be low, which can play a role in access to other forms of capital. For instance those belonging to a group characterized by high levels of influence, are likely to make contacts with those in a similar social standing. This results in a higher likelihood that those people would be able to acquire work in the same field. So if the individual is part of a sub-section that is graced with large
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