Social Stratification And Gender Inequality Essay

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History has seen multiple forms of social stratification whether it may be social class, caste, slavery, race or even gender. Social stratification places groups of people in a hierarchy depending on their social status which is respective to their economic income. This in turn determines their social position in society. With social stratification comes social mobility. These two terms are commonly found together when describing social stratification. Social mobility is simply “the change of social status within society, whether it may be a positive or negative movement of status” (Clark 10). For example, by obtaining a college degree such as a PhD or a Masters, this person moves forward in social mobility. The reason is because higher levels of education and knowledge separates this person from the others that do not have a college degree. With so many varieties of social mobility in history, there are many limitations and differences regarding gender. In terms of life chances and equality, there are multiple differences in equality between men and women. This research report will analyze the life chances and social mobility between gender and conclude if there is a significant relationship between them. The research report will follow social mobility in different countries, different periods of time in history and different social institutions where being masculine is generally more mobile than femininity.
 We know there is just not one culture in the world. The world
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