Social Stratification And Its Impact On Society

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Over time trying to succinctly define what success without giving an abstract answer has proved difficult. Through time what has remained constant is the fact that success is quantifiable, although in different societies what is being used to measure is different. Nonetheless, every society seen through history was constructed in a way where the people present are grouped in way that separates them whether it be by duties or status. In the society that we currently dwell in this divide is known as social stratification. Stratification, or more specifically social stratification, is defined as the hierarchal division of society according to rank or class. In American society what separates us from the next person is socioeconomic status. Higher social classes directly correlate with higher education levels, and the latter for the lower social classes. A good barometer to determine one’s success in the world that we live in is education, property, and influence. The distribution of property and influence is unequally circulated and it is for this reason that moving from one class to another proves to be extremely difficult. This unequal circulation has caused a divide in Americans, and in their ideas on how the government should respond to the divide present. This divide is a result of the fact that your social class affects your interactions with those around you. Whether people want to admit it or not, “from the macro to the minute, social class pervades the social
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