Social Stratification And The Caste System Essay

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Social Stratification Social stratification is an important component of society, as it helps individuals determine their proper place in society by creating a form of social hierarchy (Larkin, 2015). Many analysis use the social stratification system to help determine the inequalities, and this system of organization is found in every society across the world, though it will differ from one society to another (Larkin, 2015). Sociologists group different and diverse people into different levels in the hierarchy based on the people’s achievements, abilities, or talents (Larkin, 2015). Furthermore, this system works by using eight key elements, which are social differentiation, social inequality, social order, social stratification, gender, race, and class, social structure, social institutions, and goods and services (Larkin, 2015). All of these mentioned are critical for determining how to place individuals in the hierarchy. Additionally, there are a variety of different of different stratification systems ranging from the caste system of India to the feudal system of Medieval Europe (Larkin, 2015). However, the most influential stratification systems that have significantly impacted the United States are the slavery system, the race system, and class system. Shortly after Europeans arrived in the New World, slavery was established. At first, the Native Americans were used, then the Africans. In this type of social stratification system, the slave has very little to no

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