Social Stratification Is A Society Wide System

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What is Social Stratification? Social Stratification refers to a society’s categorization of it’s people in to rankings from middle, lower, and upper class. Many aspects referring to social standings reflects ones wealth, income, race, and education. In most cases the higher your social class the more opportunities are available to you. For instance, think of it as a pyramid. The people who have wealth, power, and prestige, represent the top layer of the social stratification while other groups with fewer jobs, opportunities and resources represents the bottom of societies domains. My favorite quote from Amenorhu kwaku states, “Some people may like you because of your social status, others may love you because of your money and many may respect you because of your knowledge but only a few may like, love and respect you for who you are.” Sociologist recognize that social stratification is a society-wide system that makes inequalities apparent. In similar fashion, inequality affects many people of the Egyptian heritage. From the outside looking in, Egypt is known as one of the most wealthiest and prosperous economies in the world, however, in their case it seems that as the rich gets richer the poor are becoming poorer. In most societies, the stratification is an economic system based on wealth, the net value of money places people in forms of social groups. In Egypt there are many social categories of people—the rich, the military establishment, educated youth, the middle
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