Social Stratification

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‘Stratification’ is a term used to characterize a structure of inequality where individuals occupy differentiated structural positions and the positions are situated in layers (or strata) that are ranked hierarchically according to broadly recognized standards .( Durlauf 1999)
The conflict theory in relation to social stratification argues that stratification,”reflects the distribution of power in society and is therefore a major source of disorder and coercion.”(Stanley 1998 : 227). The conflict theory is an acceptable way of understanding and explaining social stratification however on its own it does not adequately answer all the questions about
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They usually even move to certain residential areas which can only be afforded by people of their calibre. Likewise those who are getting less rewards probably for doing a less recognised task will begin to segregate themselves from the above described group. They will associated with others with whom they share the same economic overview and challenges with. Already we can see that there is a development of clearly defined classes, which is a major characteristic of social stratification.

Furthermore those who are in the privileged economic tend to use their power and influence through media and publicity, educational institutions as well as religious institutions such as churches to instil an attitude and mindset to their inferiors in which the latter begin to accept their low positions and status as natural. Karl Marx called this “False Consciousness”. (Sonnet and Cobb 1973) The conflict theory attempts to explain social stratification economically. Conflict theorists disregard issues of gender, race and ethnicity and they only focus on the role played by the economy in bringing about social stratification. They reason that stratification is defined by relations concerning possession of the means of production as well as work and labour .The conflict theorists’ beliefs’ include that those at the top of hierarchies are there at the expense of those that at the
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