Social Stress And Its Impact On The Classroom

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Overview of Changes in this Resubmission I was delighted to receive encouragement to resubmit this proposal and am extremely grateful to the five reviewers for their insightful comments. I was gratified to read Reviewer 5’s comment that “the proposed activities are creative, original and potentially transformative,” and Reviewer 1’s comments that “this research may lead to theoretical advances in the understanding of stigma more broadly” and that I am “an expert in this field and well-suited to carry out the proposed research.” Although space limitations preclude me from detailing how I addressed every individual comment, here I will summarize the major changes to guide the Panel’s review. I have kept the longitudinal study, which the entire Panel supported. In response to the Panel’s concerns about the experimental and speed dating studies, I have dropped Studies 1-3 and replaced them with an experimental study that I have now successfully piloted with 50 participants. This new study addresses Panel concerns about the conceptualization of weight stigma and concerns that the manipulated construct might have been general social stress or rejection rather than weight stigma specifically. I have added a follow-up point in the experience sampling study to assess weight so as to test the entire model. I have taken to heart the criticism that perceived overweight status is an imperfect selection variable; all studies now use samples with BMI 25 (“overweight”) and above. Carefully
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