Social Structure And Anomie : Merton

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During reading 11, Social Structure and Anomie, Merton explains that deviance is a part of our culture and is a result of the collision of culturally defined goals and the social structure that limits the ways of achieving those goals. The American society values economic success but our structure makes it so not everyone can be successful. Elements that contribute to this consist of culturally defined goals, purposes, and interest. It makes an aspirational idea, or a “design for group living.” Based on Lintons’s ideas some of these aspirations are related to the drive a man has. Another phase of the social structure is defining, regulating, and controlling the acceptable ways to achieve the goals we make. Every social group has its ideas of what they desire with moral or institutional regulation of permissible and required procedures for attaining these goals. The vast majority of society works to get an education and then works to achieve material, even though most will not become millionaires, but they will achieve the middle-class American dreams. This majority is conforming to society and the ways they achieve their goals. Although most Americans follow Merton’s conformity adaption for a successful life, many do not. Norms are not always followed and people will do whatever it takes to be successful. Therefore Merton’s conformity adaption isn’t the only way people achieve the American dream, Merton created four more adaptions that explain the ways in which people
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