Social Structure And Human Social Life

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Before the 18th century, there were no systems of public education, which were paid by taxation, remained compulsory to everybody and were free in terms of delivery. This revolutionary idea was conceived in the intellectual culture of the enlightenment and in the economic circumstances of the industrial revolution. Due to widespread misconception that working class offspring’s are not able to learn or could benefit from education, what was influenced by economic interests of the time, speculations in regards to social structure and human social life start to appear (Ken Robinson 2008 n.p.). Education had series of reforms before it obtained its current form. Through the time, national curriculum broadened as additional subjects and qualifications were added e.g. politics or introduction of ‘Tripartite Education’ in 1944. Also, initial pattern of having different curriculum for boys and girls has changed. Nevertheless, despite all the alterations, key functions of education remained. Developing socialisation abilities, academic knowledge, job skills and cultural understanding is the aim of contemporary comprehensive curriculum in almost all countries in the world. Yet, education sphere is not without flaws, many sociologists are in debates trying to resolve issues of alienation, class conflict, gender and ethnicity as well as improve vocationalism and lifelong learning practices.
In education, Functionalists put an emphasis on interdependence and integration.
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