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Social Studies Project Title: A research project on the provision of accommodations for special needs students in Big Falls Village, Toledo. | School Based Assessment (S.B.A)Year 2015Name of Candidate: Diovanna AckSchool: Toledo Community College Teacher Name: Ms. Lisa Kile | ------------------------------------------------- Table of content: Page Number ------------------------------------------------- Acknowledgement 2 ------------------------------------------------- Introduction 2 ------------------------------------------------- Statement of the problem 3…show more content…
It is essential that regular classrooms should have equipment to ensure that all, irrespective of age, gender and disability, can enjoy their basic human rights and enjoy learning in class. There are not tools, equipment, materials in classrooms to support the needs of children, therefore the right learning environment may not be provided. The research is to then find out if educational classes aren’t including such provision and teacher training to accommodate special need learners, and if not, why are these not provided. Method of Investigation: Method of Investigation: In order to collect data from the survey, I have decided to use printed questionnaires. The questionnaire as a tool for collecting data has a number of advantages: • It requires little time to be completed. • It can be done at the convenience of the person required to have it completed. • It guarantees confidentiality since respondents are not required to attach their names. Data Collection Instrument: Questionnaire * ─ My name is Diovanna Ack and I am in the Business Department, a student of Toledo Community College. This is a study being conducted as part of my School Base Assessment. This survey has been carried out to determine the situation of students with disabilities. I am soliciting your assistance
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